Thursday, September 9, 2010

Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice, Inquiries for Hope and Change Book features Creative Arts in Research and Practice Across Disciplines

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Press Release, August 24, 2010
IJCAIP office, London, Ontario

A new book featuring illustrative examples of the creative arts in research and action will help shape the emerging field of The Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice.
The book is published by Detselig Enterprises, Calgary with (editor Cheryl McLean, Publisher of The International Journal of The Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice, associate editor, Robert Kelly, Associate Professor, Fine Art, University of Calgary) and is a project of IJCAIP, The International Journal of The Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice. The groundbreaking book introduces an emerging and rapidly growing field with a dynamic collection of illustrative articles featuring artists, leading academics, health researchers, nurse educators, physicians, educators, environmentalists and others who actively use the creative arts in interdisciplinary practice in cutting edged research and in methodologies for health, hope and change. Readers will learn how the creative arts can offer unique opportunities to embody and re-illuminate the human story, stage human vulnerability, foster citizenship and give voice to narratives of human experience.
At over 400 pages, this is a rich and multifaceted collection of articles and chapters about the creative arts in health and interdisciplinary practice, an accessible yet highly informative text that enlightens the reader about the inquiries and the processes while offering first hand insights into approaches, stories of the work in practice, how to method based exercises and lists of comprehensive references.

"Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice, Inquiries for Hope and Change" is a contemporary research collection that features methods that are participative, communal, active and experiential. It speaks of approaches that actively re-illuminate lived experiences and foster and encourage deep and multi-sensory communication and embodied forms of expression with elements visual, emotional, physical and spiritual. In this book, we bring together a field that stresses the vital importance of creativity and the human story, a body of work that seeks to help give voice to the silenced, the oppressed and the marginalized, narrative accounts of personal transformation that honour creative expression as fundamental and at the very source of human meaning and purpose. We invite you to journey through these articles and share in accounts of the creative arts in interdisciplinary practice for hope and change" Editor, Cheryl McLean, Publisher IJCAIP Journal.

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Inside news contributors

Just a few of our featured contributors:
Izumi Sakamoto Ph.D., Associate Professor of Social Work, University of Toronto

Nancy Viva Davis Halifax, Ph.D., artist/researcher and Assistant professor, Critical Disability Studies, York University

John Sullivan, Adjunct Faculty, Department of Preventive medicine and Community Health, Public forum and Toxics Assistance, University of Texas Medical Branch

Family Social Sciences, University of Manitoba

Carolyn Garcia, PhD, MPH, RN, Assistant professor, University of Minnesota School of Nursing

Olga Idriss Davis, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Hugh Downs School of Human Communication, Arizona State University

Lata Pada, choreographer, Adjunct Professor, York University, Dance (Order of Canada recipient)

Johnny Saldana, playwright/actor, Professor of Theatre, School of Theatre and Film, Arizona State University

Ian Prinsloo MFA, (former AD, Theatre Calgary)

Lorna Boschman, Documentary and Media Artist, PhD (in process) Simon Fraser

George Belliveau, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia

Susan K. MacRae, Registered Nurse, (former Deputy Director, University of Toronto, Joint Centre for Bioethics)

Jacqui Gingras PhD, RD, Assistant Professor, School of Nutrition, Ryerson University

Sherry Fontaine Ph.D., Associate Professor and Director of Healthcare Leadership, Park University

Seema Shah MD, MSPH

Kim Bullock, MD, Director of Community Health Division, Providence Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program

John J. Guiney Yallop Ph.D., Assistant Professor, School of Education , Acadia University

Ardra Cole, EdD, Professor and Co-director, Centre for Arts informed Research, OISE, University of Toronto

Devora Neumark, Interdisciplinary artist, Faculty member MFA Interdisciplinary Art, Goddard College, Vermont

Maura McIntyre Ed.D, Adjunct Professor, OISE, Centre for Arts informed Research, University of Toronto